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- 280 Pages

- Gold de-bossed front & back cover 

- Cover Size: 220x165mm - A5 pages

- Protective keep-safe dream, plan, execute box

- 2 Sheets of Planning Stickers

- 2x Keep Safe Pockets 

- 12 Pink Monthly Dividers w/ Gold Embellishments

The Content Queen Planner

SOLD OUT $69.95 AU

FREE Shipping over $75.00 or $9.95 Flat Rate

The business tool every female entrepreneur needs to grow their business online. The Content Queen Planner will remove the stress & overwhelm from your social media platforms, content creation and online marketing with a plan and strategy to keep you on track and in-control. Nothing has been left out of this planner, it's the new powerhouse tool you won't be able to live without. 

There are dreamers & there are planners. The planners make their dreams come true. And a woman with a plan is UNSTOPPABLE. 

dream, plan, execute-02.png


- 12 Months of Planning (Fillable/Undated)

- Step-by-step Planning Guide

- Monthly Planning & Review Templates

- Key Marketing Dates & Holidays

- Social Media & Email List Goal and Growth Trackers

- Daily Engagement & Story Accountability

- Influencer & Advertising Trackers

- 100 Content Ideas for all industries

- The 4 Key Content Pillars explained

- Ideal Customer Templates

- Content Notes & Ideas Sections

- Password Tracker



12-Months of UNDATED Planning

Fill in your own dates using our included gold monthly planning stickers


100% Tax-Deductable!

Claim your New Content Queen Planner as a business expense!


Aussie Owned & Designed

Australian Owned. Designed in Melbourne ♡

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • What is a Content Plan?
    A content plan is what you use to organise and strategise all of your online content for your posts, emails, videos etc, the time of their post, the platforms they will be published on and how all of your content and marketing works together on a timeline to achieve your goals. All based around your target audience, key marketing dates, content pillars and end goals. The CQ Planner was created to make this process of planning easy for time poor business owners, using all of our planning templates, marketing calendars, and day to day accountability to reach your goals. All in the 1 place!
  • What type of business is the CQ Planner for?
    The CQ Planner can be used for any type of business that is looking to grow online through social media and online/traditional marketing channels. Eg. Product Based, Service Based, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Franchising etc. It's also a great tool for influencers and content creators to organise all of their content, collaborations and clients.
  • Can I use this for more than 1 business / account?
    You sure can. As this planner is undated, you can utilise more than just one monthly section at a time. eg. 2 businesses would require 1 monthly section each per month. This allows you to have separate monthly plans, calendars, weekly spreads, and reviews for each of your different businesses, ensuring everything is separate but still all together in the 1 planner! However, if you're using the planner for two businesses, this just means you will complete the planner quicker as you'll be utilising the space for 2 months of planning in 1 month.
  • Is this a Business Planner?
    This planner was designed to keep your social media content and marketing planning all in the one place. However this planner also includes your weekly to-do list, monthly & weekly business goal setting, key business dates, monthly overview calendars and areas to schedule things in such as meetings and podcasts. There is plenty of room for all of your business activities and planning in the CQ Planner!
  • I lose motivation easily, what if I can’t keep up?
    The CQ Planner is undated! So it's pages will never expire or become unusable. You can start/pause when you need to. It comes with gold stickers to label your monthly planner tabs and undated boxes for your monthly & weekly spreads to write in the dates yourself. But with a planner this beautiful it will be hard for you to fall off the bandwagon when it makes it so easy to get your plan and strategy organised in style!


Since starting my own digital design agency 2 years ago I quickly noticed how challenging social media was for female entrepreneurs. Hearing their struggles on creating effective content + staying consistent really stood out to me. (I ignorantly thought it was something everyone enjoyed) But when I sent them my Social Media Management packages, many couldn't afford it being small businesses. But I couldn't watch them struggle when they had SO much potential.

There was a gap in the market and I knew what they needed. So I designed the Content Queen Planner, a tool that I wanted to be affordable for small business owners and could be their social media manager without needing one! Think of it as your little biz bestie that keeps you accountable to your online growth and marketing. It has everything you need to thrive on social media and make you excited about it at the same time!

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