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I'm Amy-Lee

CQ Founder + Social Media, Marketing & Design Manager 

Watching women in business, building their empires lights me up. Boss babes; or queens as I like to call us, are changing the world one brand at a time.

I founded this company because I saw too many women struggling with Social Media & un-able to afford a social media manager. I am closing that gap making it easier for the everyday entrepreneur to thrive on Social Media. 


The most reliable way to predict your future is to create it and a woman with a plan is UN-STOPPABLE!

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All About Me

Social media management, marketing & graphic design have been both my passion and my career since leaving high school in 2015 knowing exactly what I wanted to do.

Since obtaining my degree in Communication Design I started my career working as a graphic designer at a leading B2B marketing agency in Melbourne. I absorbed as much knowledge as I could in the two years I worked there and I loved every minute (it was a pretty amazing 1st job and taught me a lot of what I know today).

However I knew B2C is where I would thrive. I spread my wings and landed a job as the head of marketing & social media coordinator at Pilgrim Clothing (hello dream job). But I bit off more than I could chew and also started my own design & marketing agency called Digital Runway as the 'side hustle'. I've always been an entrepreneur right from Primary school and working for myself has always been the dream. This business absolutely took off in 2019.

"Social Media is Fire. Your Content is the Fuel... Watch it Explode."

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During this transition process to building my own business clientele I quickly noticed how challenging social media was for female entrepreneurs. Hearing their struggles on creating effective social media content + staying consistent really stood out to me. (I ignorantly thought it was something everyone enjoyed) But when I sent them my Social Media Management packages many couldn't afford it. So what now? They just continue to struggle the long road of content overwhelm having no idea what they're doing...?


And Then...

During the 2020 lockdown my brain exploded knowing I needed to create something to help these women who needed it, and the result - well this is it! The Content Queen Planner.

I have poured my knowledge and my heart into this planner & stationery range to guide female entrepreneurs through social media marketing & content creation, where we together, can plan for huge success one step at a time! 


My true wish for these planners is to bring more structure, organisation, inspiration and results to social media planning and our businesses. It helps streamline how you structure your content and gives you an easy strategy on how & what to post, without it becoming overwhelming or stressful. 


One of my favourite sayings is “If a photo tells 1000 words, your social media feed tells a million.” I see too many women with huge potential on social media give up because it all gets too hard!


1 year after launching...

I quit my job, went all in and I've never looked back. 

I've since merged my Digital Runway agency with The Content Queen Planner Brand and now offer my complete service suite from branding to websites, social media management and now coaching!

If you're new to the business world, or you've been in it for years, please connect with me, I would love to be your cheer leader and watch your business grow and thrive online. 

Thank you being here! x



You're the very reason I do what I do, so I've created the tools that your business needs to thrive



Need the opinion and mentorship of an expert? Let's deep dive into your socials together.



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Your new social media manager in a box! Start each month with a plan & strategy for success

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