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Once-of Strategy 

An In-Depth 60 Minute Session with Amy-Lee to develop a personalised action plan tailored to your business goals.

Whether you’re wanting to get a strong plan in place for your social media, create a launch strategy, re-vamp your brand and website, or build a plan to increase your revenue long term - get a taster of what it’s like to work 1:1 with Amy-Lee in this 60 minute intensive session. 

These sessions are perfect for women in business who are ready to take action NOW, who need a sounding board and honest feedback on exactly what the HOW looks like. Together we’ll get your big ideas off the ground and into action. 


Best Suited To Business Owners who are:

  • Clear on a specific area in their business that they want to work on and grow

  • Struggling with their social media and need more clarity on how they can grow, create effective content, reach their target audience, build out their content pillars, and create a strategy that they can stick to

  • Wanting my eyes on their business to conduct a full review. From their socials, to their branding, website, messaging, captions, social strategy, offers and more. 

  • Overwhelmed with no idea on how to take the next step, and are ready to step into alignment with a plan and strategy to make their next big move.


Examples of what your session could look like;

  • Fleshing out your social media strategy, whether you’re a new account or well established (including your short & long term goals, customised content pillars, different content messaging techniques, content ideas and how to stand out as an authority in your industry)

  • Creating a launch plan for an idea that’s in the works, or a concept that is nearly ready to go. From creating hype, to the waitlist, to the launch offers and the best ways to increase sales during the launch phase.

  • Auditing and building out a plan for a new website design and brand to position yourself as a leader that makes an impact. 

  • Q&A session picking my brain on what I would do if… Or how I would recommend you do X…

  • You would like to expand or condense your service/product offerings but are not sure on the best ways forward

  • Creating an email marketing strategy. From brainstorming ways to start building an email list full of your target audience, to your welcome and automation flows, and what types of emails to be sending and when. 

The options are endless

*Note; Due to the 60 minute time limit, only 1 -2 of these topics can be covered per session. If you need help with multiple areas in your business, it is recommended you apply for longer term mentoring here.



  • Pre-Questionnaire

  • 60-minute Strategy Call with Amy-Lee

  • Video Recording for you to Watch Back

  • Post Call Report (Post Call Reports are designed to help you put what we’ve discussed on our call, into tangible action in your business. They include a detailed summary of everything we’ve discussed, and the next steps to take to move the needle in your business)

  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: 1 Week of Telegram Access with Amy-Lee post call (+$100)

INVESTMENT: $379 (inc. GST)


"I am an elder millennial and I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, but really wanted to up my game to promote my small business. Amy-Lee gave me so many helpful tips that were tailored to my business - I took 6 pages of notes during the 1 hour call!" - Laura W

Ready to get started?

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